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Fight night – Lucha Libre wrestling

By Brian Rogers | 1 Comment » January 7th, 2008

Luche Libre wrestling

What happens when you combine a circus, a soap opera and dirty punches? You get this: Lucha Libre (free fight). Mexico’s rough and tumble, no holds bar form of wrestling ranges from roll on the floor hilarious, to mouth covering cringes between fighters named El Tigre Rojo (The Red Tiger), Mr. Aguila (Mr. Eagle) and Rey Bucanero (The Pirate King). Pick a fighter and see how they fare, with photos from the fight, or wander around some of the 365 churches of Cholula.

What does it sound like? Click to hear to the boom of the anouncer, or here for the cheering crowd.

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One Response to “Fight night – Lucha Libre wrestling”

  1. Joey Says:

    Acere! La lucha sigue!!! Toda la gente de la isla te manda saludos a Brian y espera lo mejor para uds por su viaje. Ten cuidado y tire muchas fotos. Hasta la victoria siempreeeeee!

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